Benefits and Features of using 1st Class Cleaning Service

Benefits and Features of using 1st Class Cleaning Service

Below is a comprehensive list of the services, features, benefits and unique offerings that make 1st Class Cleaning Service exceptional in the world of domestic and commercial cleaning.

Anaerobic Waste Recycling
The emergence of using organic material to harness electricity, reduce carbon output and lower dependency on landfill for waste disposal is through Anaerobic Digestion.

Annual Customer Service Survey
As well as canvassing the opinion of 5 staff members as part of our regular audit, once a year we like to reach a wider audience to solicit feedback. This helps us to refine our service to accommodate your requests and makes us even better.

Branding & Uniforms
We can use our modern fresh look uniforms or we can use our designers to create something entirely unique that aligns with your own brand and look.

Carpet Cleaning 
1st Class Cleaning Service provides a whole host of carpet cleaning solutions throughout Kent, London, and surrounding areas. We provide this service as stand-alone or as part of a commercial cleaning contract. Where it is part of a contract we report back to our client if the carpet needs attention such as stain removal.

Central Storage of Products and Liquids
We use Centralised Super Concentrated Dosing Stations to improve efficiency, reduce storage and packaging and reduce transport requirements.

Commercial Cleaning Package
1st Class Cleaning Service basic commercial cleaning includes: Office Cleaning, Window & Façade Cleaning, Hard Floor Cleaning and Treatment, Carpet Cleaning and Washroom Services.

Contract Specific Management Reporting
Designed to provide “rhetoric free” specific information. Information you want, when you want it.

Customer Communication
1st Class Cleaning Service uses all manner of modern technology and avoid generating wasted paper. This includes using client Intranets (and Microsites) where they exist to post information on planned work. We are keen users of APPS and smartphones for efficient communication.

Domestic Cleaning Package
Our basic domestic cleaning includes: hoovering, dusting, emptying bins, bathrooms (hygiene clean) all surfaces, pay particular attention to base of toilet and surrounding area, wash kitchen worktops and doors surfaces with all natural cleaning product. We also provide one-off deep cleaning and ironing services if required by our customers.

Equipment Manuals
We extract key information from your O&M Manuals and manufacturers information and download it to The Housekeepers PC Tablet so that it can be referred to at any time.

Electronic Time & Attendance System
We have a rigorous paperless system to record time which is accessible to our clients any time.

Environmental Policy
1st Class Cleaning Service only purchase environmentally friendly cleaning products and equipment which offers low energy usage and we are Members of The Lord Mayor of London’s Procurement Code.

Estate Care & Maintenance
We offer a comprehensive set of services for the whole of any client’s estate. In addition to our comprehensive cleaning services this includes landscaping and gardening, security and CCTV monitoring and our Small Projects Repair & Maintenance team.

Estate Cleaning
We can create real efficiencies when working across any client’s estate maximising on personnel and on the use of equipment and products. Our client uniform branding option can add a corporate identity dimension. We are happy to do anything from just keeping stairwells clean and clutter free up to the cleaning and maintenance of the entire building including cleaning all communal areas, all external windows and caring for any garden areas.

Fault & Issue Reporting
Our operatives look out for faults, such as a light not working or damage to walls and doors. These can photographed and reported back to the client and/or referred to our Small Projects Team for reparation.

Feminine Hygiene Waste Services
As part of our washroom services we can take care of the special needs of female toilets.

First Aid Training
Required not just for our own staff but as a helpful option for our clients and their staff.

Front of House Services
Our Front of House Services extend to Reception, Security and Portering Services.

Green Policy
Our Central Storage System for Liquids & Products lowers costs, minimises space requirements and reduces packaging waste. See also Environmental Policy and Paperless Practices.

Handyman Services
For the general care and upkeep of client premises. Allied to our Fault and Issue Reporting procedures this can help ensure that facilities are kept in good working and looking order. See Small Projects Repair & Maintenance team.

Hard Floor Cleaning & Treatments
Part of our basic Commercial Cleaning Package we ensure that hard floors are kept in good order and we are careful about the Health & Safety issues allied to cleaning hard floors.

Façade & Window Cleaning
Part of our basic Commercial Cleaning Package and important as this ensures the external view of the building is kept to as high a standard as possible.


Health & Safety Training
All staff receive H&S training from our own Health & Safety specialist Peter Ford.

Housekeeping and Front of House Services
Our Housekeeping services supplement general cleaning ensuring the essential functions and supplies meet demand. Front of House services include Reception, Portering and Security.

Office Cleaning
Part of our basic Commercial Cleaning Package our job is to compose a comprehensive schedule of work to ensure the location is as clean and functional as required.

Operations Management System
We use technology to keep us, our operatives and our clients aware of the status on their contract, working to the agreed. Our reports are designed to provide specific information. Information you want, when you want it.

Paperless Practices
1st Class Cleaning Service uses modern technology and avoids the unwanted use of paper whenever possible.

Portering Services
Part of our Front of House options.

Product & Client Finishes Training
Training to ensure that staff understand the end result required at each and every location they work at.

Projects Per Month (PPM)
Simple but often overlooked. At the beginning of the year we will provide you with an annual PPM plan with dates and activity descriptions for all core and periodic duties throughout the year.

Property Maintenance
1st Class Cleaning Service offers comprehensive services for the ongoing care and maintenance of property. This includes our Small Projects Repair & Maintenance Team.

Quality Mark
ISO14001 Accredited and Member Company of the Mayor of London’s Procurement Code.

We have developed our own recycling process which can be adopted and branded for our clients.

Responsible Community Employment Policy
We are firm believers in local regeneration and responsible recruitment. We employ our staff locally to your premises providing employment and retaining wealth locally to prosper each community. At present 90% of staff working on London based contracts reside within Central London and the remaining 10% live within Greater London.

Service Bundles
We often put a package of our services together to better suit the requirements of the client. This can extend beyond cleaning into Front of House Services, Portering, Security, Estate Care & Maintenance including our own Small Projects Repair & Maintenance team.

Small Projects Repair & Maintenance Team
Small team of ‘handymen’ for the general repair and maintenance of buildings and estate. Jigsaws with our Fault & Issue Reporting.

Smart Phones (use of)
As part of our paperless regime we use all technologies available including smartphones to communicate to staff and clients.

Staff Training & Development
Our extensive Staff Training programmes include: Environment Awareness, Client Finishes, Terrorism & Risk Awareness, Health & Safety, First Aid, etc. See also Supervisor Workshops, Staff Qualifications and Staff Cross Project Experience.

Staff Qualifications
85% of staff trained to NVQ Levels 1-3. Staff sent on ESOL Language Training at Westminster Kingsway College.

Staff Cross Project Experience
We switch our staff onto different projects to ensure freshness, to facilitate the sharing of good practice and to help maintain a consistently good standard across all our sites.

Supervisor Workshops
Once per quarter we hold group workshops where we exchange experiences & develop new ideas. A completely open and creative forum

Storage of Cleaning equipment, products and liquids
We recognise that modern commercial buildings don’t always make allowances for cleaning products and equipment. We’ve devised a safe, clean and fully accessible storage solution that incurs no rent or rates liabilities.

Terrorism & Risk Awareness Training
When the political climate necessitates, we provide all of our staff with Risk Awareness training and becoming more in tune with their environment, looking out for risk and reporting it.

Washroom Services
Part of our basic Commercial Cleaning Package and including housekeeping supplies service, waste disposal and feminine hygiene.

Waste Collection & Management
1st Class Cleaning Service apply as many environmental aspects to waste management as possible. See Anaerobic Waste Recycling.


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